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Scheduler Part 1 – The User Interface

The Clientdashboard scheduler menu UI Introduction Once the client manager and users set up the resource and the consumer information, the scheduler then uses this information to schedule the resources.  This module is the user guide for the Clientdashboard scheduler … Read More

Consumer Role and Consumer Module

This module is the user guide for Consumers Role and Consumers.  To assign a resource to a consumer, you and Team2Book need to know their availability. Using these modules, the client manager can more easily access customer details and manage … Read More

Resource Category and Resource Moduleย 

This module is the user guide for Resource Category and Resource, provides the information and instructions needed to group, add, remove and update resource categories and resources and contain step-by-step instructions guiding client managers through how to use this module … Read More

Statistics Module

This user-guide helps you manage your business with the statistics module. The module processes various parameters, such as available resources and workloads, to provide a comprehensive picture of what your needs are and where these requirements are coming from.  With … Read More

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