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Resource Reservation

Overview  In general, it is better to let Team2Book perform resource reservation based on consumers’ priorities and preferences. However, there are times when you might...

Individual Membership

Introduction Team2Book is a calendar availability app. In this tutorial, we will delve into the specifics of the Individual Membership Plan, a unique offering distinct...

Advanced Module 

Introduction  In this tutorial, we’ll overview the advanced features and guide you to use them effectively. Currently, two tabs divide the advanced features: Configuration Threshold...

Client Details Module

Client Details Module  Introductions  This module is used to define specific details about your organization (Name, Timezone, Opening and Closing times, etc).  This is also...

Constraints Module

Introduction Constraint module provides the minimum number of available consumers required per or on a given time duration.  The client manager will get notified every...

Special Events Module

Introduction Team2Book can act as a Work Schedule Management Software. This guide explains how to use the Special Events feature and how to use the...

Notifications Module

Introduction Team2Book scheduler has built-in notifications to alert users (consumers and client managers) of important information. Messages are delivered by email, to the email address...
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