Scheduling Software for Professionals

Streamlining Workflow and enhancing efficiency

Online Scheduling Software for Professionals

Team2Book’s online scheduling software for professionals offers a user-friendly and hassle-free platform for creating and managing schedules for professinals and employees.

Now you can manage work well by streamlining scheduling, allocating space and resources, and improving productivity - all without without breaking the bank. Also, we can use team work schedule app.

Physician Scheduling Software

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Effortless Physician Scheduling and
Walk-in Clinic Assignments

Team2Book is a powerful medical staff scheduling software that ensures optimal walk-in clinic assignments distribution.  Just say when you are available and Team2Book will assign you an office or a walk-in clinic shift. 

Healthcare Providers and Medical Staff

Advanced medical scheduling improves efficiency. Schedules, request time off, swap shifts with colleagues, and receive notifications for any changes to work shifts.

Healthcare Administrators and Managers

Create and manage complex schedules automatically, allocate resources efficiently across different departments, and handle shift rotations and on-call duties.

Healthcare HR and Operations Teams

Get workload statistics, manage non-availability, handle staffing shortages, ensure you have the right number of professionals.

How we're different

Key Features

Physician Call Schedule
Configure it once and watch the results

Rule-Based Schedule Planning

Create automated and balanced work schedules after entering your team members role, priority and resource preferences, including minimum staff constraints and minimum time-off between physician call schedule or walk-in clinic shifts.
Always up to date

Why Use an Online Work Schedule Software

Amid rising concerns over hiking operational costs, employee scheduling is one of the major challenges companies usually face but must tackle for optimal resource utilization and efficiency.
Scheduling software for physicians
robots around business man on calendar

Automated schedules for evening and weekend assignments.

Team2Book can automatically offer you a schedule based on the unavailability of doctors and previous assignments. It takes care of evening, weekend, walk-in clinic shifts. You decide everyone's share and the minimum time between 2 assignments.
Team Work

Shift Trade and Transfer

Enable seamless shift transfers or trades among physicians. Physicians can directly send shift requests to their peers or post them on a virtual billboard. Administrators can approve changes before finalizing them.
Physician Scheduler
Our Physician Scheduler Software

Key Benefits

Simplified Office Management

Assign a room to each available doctor or health care professional. Prevent double bookings.


Automated features reduce administrative workload, saving time for both administrators and physicians.

Get Notified

Receive an email when there is a shortage of premises or an emergency clinic is assigned to an unavailable physician.

Complex Configurations

You think your needs are too complex to be automated? Think again! You can configure Team2Book to fit most complex work environments. See for yourself!

Real-Time Updates

Get real-time physicians' call schedule updates on your smartphone! A professional is no longer available? No problem! Our doctor scheduling app updates the staff schedule automatically.

Reporting and Analytics

Our statistics module counts the number of premises available and the number of unfavorable shifts performed by each physician.
Years in Business
Users Satisfied
Team2Book helps us to optimize our premises. We saved money by delaying costly expansions. A beautiful product that we have been using for 5 years. I particularly enjoy viewing the team schedule on my phone.
Dr. Catherine Bouthillier
Dr Catherine Bouthillier
Family doctor, Head of the Bromont Medical Clinic
Team2Book's strengths: Less paper, less time devoted to the production of schedules, calendars synchronized with our mobiles.
Dr. Martin Lanoue
Dr Martin Lanoue
Family doctor, Head of GMF Laframboise
I wouldn't go back !
Mrs. Lise Paris
Mrs Lise Paris
Manager of GMF Laframboise

Physician Scheduler FAQ

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The Scheduling software for physicians

Time consuming scheduling tasks

Even before the concept of remote and flexible working models became the norm, scheduling remained one of the most time-consuming tasks for managers, often requiring them to spend hours making schedules and allocating requisite resources for the next month.

Challenge to maintain optimal staff levels

In certain sectors like healthcare, it is vital to maintain a certain number of staff at different times to cater to customers and maintain employee performance.

Increased likelihood of errors and mix-ups

With the advent of flexible and hybrid working models, the challenge of optimizing schedules has increased manifold, increasing the likelihood of mix-ups and confusion due to inefficient communication, causing disruption in work and productivity.

The demands of coordinating team members, projects, and clients can often lead to confusion and waste of valuable time and resources. This is where our scheduling software comes in!!

Online Scheduling Software for Professionals - The Flexibility Your Business Needs

As the working trends continue to evolve, businesses across various industries are seeking ways to automate their workflows, use their assets economically, and enhance their productivity. 

In such cases, online scheduling software for professionals serves as an innovative tool for managing employee work schedules efficiently, enhancing collaboration, and optimizing employee productivity through the proficient use and allocation of office space and resources. 

Transcending conventional methods of scheduling

It saves professionals from the hassle of relying on time-consuming conventional methods like printed calendars, spreadsheets, and manual scheduling of employee workspace. Besides being time-consuming, these conventional methods are also prone to errors and lack the flexibility required to adapt to ever-evolving circumstances. 

Reduced errors and efficient time utilization

The online scheduling software allows professionals to create schedules quickly and easily, track changes in real-time and modify them as required, thus reducing the likelihood of errors and saving valuable time. Hence whether you have full-time on-site working employees or follow a hybrid model of remote and on-site working set-up, Team2Book can assist you in managing your employee work schedules efficiently and save costs with our work schedule software.

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