Office Relocation and Optimization Through The Availability Scheduling App

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Office relocation and optimization through the availability scheduling app are two actions you will have to contend with if you run a successful business. As your operations expand, you may have to find a new location for your personnel.

In addition, expanding your business will necessitate the need for more workers. When this happens, you must decide between relocating to a new building or optimizing your workspace.

Therefore, this article presents office relocation and optimization. It will also highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

About Office Relocation

If you opt to relocate your office, there may be various motivations to consider. Considering these reasons, check out the merits and demerits of relocation.

Office Relocation Advantages

There are several advantages associated with working environment relocation. Therefore, you should consider the following benefits when evaluating office relocation and optimization.

Modern Facilities

Like most new things, a new space has several benefits, especially modern facilities. These amenities may include improved technology, enhanced connectivity, and advanced safety equipment.

Furthermore, many new offices may have spaces dedicated to exercise, downtime, relaxation, or quiet productivity. Therefore, relocating your workspace to a modern building can enhance the work environment and productivity.

Enhance Location

In the first few years of your business, you may not have the funds to situate your working environment in the best location. While considering office relocation and optimization, you may need to relocate to a better place, closer to customers and workers.

Similarly, it can minimize commute durations and allow for access to essential amenities like shops and restaurants. Therefore, doing this can significantly improve productivity, revenue, customer relations, and job satisfaction.

Bigger Office Space

As your staff list increases, you must have a suitable space to accommodate workers. Hence, relocating to a bigger workspace should accommodate more people, equipment, and furniture. Also, it should give you more space for storage.

Office Relocation Disadvantages

Although relocation seems like an excellent idea, there are some disadvantages to reflect on.

Staff Attrition

When you relocate to a new area, not all your workers may be happy about the change. An increase in commute time may lead to apprehension. If you are not careful, staff attrition may spike.

In particular, this problem can become severe if you have a close company culture or specific experts from a single location. A few resignations by disenchanted workers can lead to mass attritions. Therefore, you may need to forgo working environment relocation to keep your best workers.


Relocating to a new building means you may have to package and move furniture, equipment, and other essential items from one location to another. In general, this process is tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, moving to a new location may waste time and negatively affect productivity.

Relocation and optimisation through the  availability scheduling app

Relocation Cost

Moving your office from one building to another is not free. Apart from the lease agreement, you must spend money on moving furniture and equipment.

Furthermore, you may have to redecorate and realign the space to suit your needs. Therefore, you should only relocate your office if the cost-benefit analysis favors your business in the long run.

Losing Customers or Clients

If you have customers or clients visiting your office on a regular basis, you may lose some of them if you move too far from the original location or too far from local services.

About Office Optimization

office optimization through the  availability scheduling app

If you want to maintain your current workspace, it may be best to optimize your office. This process involves remodeling or refurbishing your workplace to meet new requirements or standards. It may also include optimizing office use scheduling by determining who works when and where.

Depending on the budget, workplace renovation may range from painting the walls to overhauling the entire layout. It can also include assigning workspace to part-time staff who want to work in offices on specific times and days.

To decide between office relocation and optimization, you must consider the merits and demerits of optimizing your company layout.

Office Optimization Advantages

If you optimize your workspace, you will enjoy many working environment optimization benefits. Below are some advantages to consider.

Reduced Disruption and Time-saving

Most remodeling or refurbishing can be seamless without disrupting your operations. In most cases, after-hours or the weekends are ideal for paint jobs and furniture replacements.

Most aspects of workspace optimization will improve workflow, especially if you run automated scheduling. Therefore, this software respects preferences and priorities and prevents double bookings.

On days when office space is not enough, the application manager intervenes by asking some part-time workers to work on different days when offices are available for use.

As a result, the manager responsible for managing schedules saves time and works on more essential tasks. Thus, using automated scheduling software to optimize scheduling is ideal for setups similar to hospitals where doctors, psychologists, or nutritionists use the same offices at different times.

Allows for Customization

As your business changes, you may want to make changes that improve efficiency around the workspace. Through working environment optimization, you can:

  • Introduce new partitions;
  • Create new workstations;
  • Enhance lighting and ventilation;
  • Introduce new units or departments.

Similarly, customization may involve cubicle consolidation into larger spaces by adopting appropriate scheduling software that optimizes and allocates workspace to staff who need to complete tasks. Furthermore, a few changes can transform your workspace into a new environment.

Minimizes Cost

When considering office relocation and optimization, minimizing cost is an essential element. Therefore, optimizing the workplace is your best solution for saving money.

Doing this allows you to enhance the work environment without breaking the bank. Similarly, it lets you use the resources for more crucial aspects of your business.

Likewise, optimizing an office by deploying office-assigning software can save more money than physically adjusting space to accommodate more people. Therefore, leveraging a scheduling application should free up resources for aspects of your business that require more funds.

Office Optimization Disadvantages

Although workspace optimization has several benefits, it also has multiple disadvantages. Consider the following drawbacks before embarking on it.

Outdated Facilities

Optimizing your office means you will have to improve what you have. However, you may be stuck with outdated facilities. Generally, this problem makes it challenging to transform workflow and adopt new productivity strategies.

Space Limitations

Beyond outdated facilities, you may have problems with spacing. Sometimes, the best remodelers cannot optimize a small working environment space.

Therefore, sticking to the current location means you may have to keep more workers than your building can handle. So, you should carefully evaluate office relocation and optimization, especially if you have an expanding workforce.

Location Restrictions

Other times, the location of your business is a disadvantage for you. In some cases, you may need to be in another city or the business district of your current location. In such a circumstance, optimizing your office will not work.

In Conclusion

Deciding between office relocation and optimization requires careful consideration. In particular, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each action.

Generally, office relocation may offer modern facilities, enhanced location, and larger workspace. Nonetheless, you may have to contend with high staff attrition, waste of time, and relocation costs.

On the other hand, workspace optimization reduces disruptions, allows for customizations, and minimizes cost. However, you may have to make do with outdated facilities, space limitations, and location restrictions.

Therefore, choosing between office relocation and optimization is totally up to you. When optimizing your workspace, Team2Book offers an exciting availability scheduling app. It lets you optimize the workplace by assigning offices on a schedule through software that streamlines your workflow and keeps you up to date with the scheduling in various industries.

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